the one about my love for school

if you know anything about me you know that i have an incredible amount of love for the previous two educational institutions i attended. i will forever love and support agnes scott and i will always treasure my time at uva law. when i began my ll.m. at au washington college of law i told myself that i wasn't going to let this new school creep into my heart and pocketbook. i already in very involved with my two alma maters and really don't have the time or energy to love another educational institution. and i still maintain that stance. i am not involved in the wcl community like i was involved during either law school or college. however, i am really starting to appreciate the level of professor involvement and interest at wcl. to begin with, every class i'm taking has 15 or less students in it. now, i took small classes at uva also. i think the difference is that now i'm so much more focused on my schoolwork that i'm truly taking an interest in the material and i think my professors appreciate it. i've had such wonderful experiences thus far, and it's only been a few weeks.

i have to say, wcl, you may not ever be my beloved agnes or uva law...but you are earning my respect.


Laura said...

haha. well (and i think i have said this before), i think this becomes more and more true as you go thru your education, b/c you're narrowing it down to something you're really interested in. so then you're more involved and you get more out of it. and you're doing something more narrowly tailored, so there are fewer people with that interest, so smaller classes, and likely classes where the other students are more engaged, just like you. which probably makes it more of a delight to teach too. everybody wins! now if only i could figure out what subject i would feel that way about.