the one where spring is awesome


i had an excellent night last night. i went to dinner with LS BFF, her BF, l, lo and (unexpectedly) AHS. we had a table outside, a pitcher of margaritas and life was good! it was delightful. then, i had the great idea that i would turn the tables and start catcalling groups of men that were walking by. talk about amazing. i freaking love acting like a man! the men were so surprised when they realized i was hollerin' at them. so cute. :)

then l and i went to patty boom boom for some reggae music. it's a total sweatbox in that place, but we had a good time. the rum punch is a-ma-zing! kind of strong, but totally delicious. AND the bartender was HOT. so...i did what any red blooded gal would do and left him my number on the bill. and he has been texting me all day! it's pretty funny because now i can't remember anything about him except he was hot. and i never introduced myself so he has no idea who he's texting. but it's kind of fun.

i blame all of this on spring fever. yelling at men! leaving numbers for bartenders! what can i say - it's finally nice out!!

the one about unexpected fun nights


i love nights where you think you aren't going to stay out late, aren't going to drink much, you aren't looking to meet anyone...and then all of the above happens! so last night, i attended a wetting-down party at a local bar. it was pretty awesome, all you could drink beer/wine and all around good times. when my girls and i walked into the bar, we were pretty cold since we had walked there. right when we walked in, a guy came up and introduced himself to us. he said his name was michael. as we were shaking hands, i kind of refused to let his hand go because it was so warm. i told him this and then he really concentrated on warming my was kinda cute. right off the bat, i liked this guy's style. he had this cute little beret on and it was adorable. we entered the party and proceeded to have a really good time. everyone there was super nice and i got a chance to talk to hand warmer a few times during the evening. i decided early on that i was totally in love with hand warmer. well, not really, but it was fun to say it.

towards the end of the night, i had lost track of hand warmer. i was convinced that he had already left and was slightly bummed. then...he appeared!! somehow, hand warmer, one of the new lieutenants, l, and i all decided that since we were being kicked out of the bar, we needed to move on to another one. so we did. and it was delightful. i learned that hand warmer is an alabama fan! and had even been to some of the same game watch parties that i go to!! seriously, what are the odds? so he is kind of cute, i'm kind of smitten and the night was kind of amazing. here's hoping he calls. :)

the one about my date


so, last night i went on a date with a guy i met from match. it was fine, but no real sparks. this also is a little superficial, but he has bad teeth. i HATE bad teeth (seriously, ask my friends...i can't handle it). the guy was nice enough, but spent a lot of time talking about how much he hated women/people who were bourgeois...then talked about he was disappointed when he met some woman and she was "just a teacher." i was really not impressed.

then it turns out that he's the little brother of a girl that i went to LS with. this girl was cool, we weren't super close, but definitely friendly. he is VERY different from his sister. she's cool and he's...kind of not. i just really wasn't feeling it. he's a nice enough guy, i guess. except that he told me that an ex had told him that he was verbally abusive. GREAT! just the man i want. honestly, he seemed to have a huge chip on his shoulder. i do not think i'll go out with him again. could have been worse. he could have been absolutely awful. i guess i'll call this one a good way to get back into the dating scene? back to the drawing board...