the one about my car


or rather, how i haven't driven it all week. :) i LOVE living walking distance to so many things. and if i can't walk, i can take a bus/train/etc. it's wonderful. it's great to be back in a city. i loved living downtown while i was in birmingham and i love living in a city again. the dog and LS BFF's cats haven't killed each other yet, which is another positive.

i start school again in a few weeks, which i'm so excited about. i think it's going to be awesome and i'm pumped. oh, and i (along with a few coworkers, Lifeboat and LS BFF) begin boot camp in a couple of weeks, so prepare for the hottness. yeah, i said it. you think i'm hot now, wait til i get my ass kicked 3x a week, for 4 weeks... :)

the one about my new hood


i've moved! it's official. on friday, the dog and i picked up and moved 22 miles into washington, d.c. we love it. we're just about unpacked and i now have a 15 minute (thanks lifeboat!) commute to work which is awesome. i am also less than a mile from u street, which everyone knows i'm obsessed with. all in all, i'm pretty freakin' happy. i promise i'll be back soon with a longer post and some more interesting stories :)

the one about my move


i am moving! yay! the dog and i are moving in with LS BFF very very soon. we're going to start taking small boxes over there next week and am planning on moving the big stuff (bed, dresser, etc) next weekend. anyone want to help? anyone have a truck and want to help?? AHS, i'm looking at you :) i'll provide the pizza/beer, you provide the manpower.

alternatively, i'll see how Lifeboat likes her movers and go from there. it's been great kicking it with the parents (seriously, it has been) but i'm so SICK of that f-in commute. i'm exhausted every day when i get home. i'm really looking forward to a shorter commute. yay for city life!

the one about school pt 2


for all y'all who are like me and curious, here is the link to my program...

the one about school


so...awhile back, i decided that since the search for permanent work wasn't going swimmingly, i would apply to get an llm at american university. they have an llm program in law and government and within that program, there is a concentration in civil and constitutional rights. i kind of applied on a lark and at the last minute. but, amazingly, i got in! month, i'm a student again! i know it won't be easy, but i'm really excited and looking forward to learning more, getting an externship and using my brain again. i get christmas break! and spring break! and the chance to learn! did i mention spring break???? :)

although, nerdy as it may be, i must admit, the thing i'm most excited by is being able to schedule classes!!! i LOVE scheduling classes. it's kind of my favorite thing ever. holla!!