the one about giving thanks

in honor of thanksgiving, i'd like to take some time and share a few of the things that i am thankful for. i know that i am truly blessed and sometimes its difficult to remember all of the blessings that have i've been lucky enough to receive so sometimes making a list helps.

  • i am thankful for a roof (actually multiple roofs) over my head and that i never have to wonder where my next meal will come from
  • i am thankful for family who continuously love and support me
  • i am thankful for friends who inspire me and are always a comfort
  • i am thankful for the sweetest little puppy dog in the world
  • i am thankful for education which has allowed me pursue my dreams
  • i am thankful for my health
  • i am thankful to live in the united states. though i am sometimes unhappy with certain things that happen in this country, i recognize that just being born in the u.s. is a blessing and i am thankful for it
  • i am thankful for our military -- i am awed by the decisions and risks our service members take and i am grateful
  • i am thankful for dvr. seriously, i love it.
  • i am thankful all the men i have loved and the men that have loved me. i've learned a lot about myself through those relationships and i wouldn't take back any of it
  • i am thankful for my 15 year old self keeping a journal so i can look back and reflect on how crazy i was!
  • i am thankful for hope and the promise of new adventures.
what are you thankful for during the holiday season?


Laura said...

i am flattered that friends made the list before puppy. =) and i also see that you used the dvr line. i like it. i need to get my profile together so that in a year i can be thankful for having found a man.