the one about michael jackson

like most of the world, i loved michael jackson. his music was the soundtrack to my child. my older sister got me hooked and i never let go. michael jackson's bad world tour in 1988 was my very first concert. i was six years old and it was amazing. sadly, michael was also a seriously troubled man and i'm happy that he's finally at peace. he changed the music world forever. not to mention what he did for race relations. many people forget that back when he started producing his music videos, mtv only showed rock videos. they initially were not interested in mj's videos. ha, that soon changed. michael jackson was an amazing artist and i'm thankful that i can say that i saw him live. i'm confident that his music will continue to live on.

in no particular order, here are some of my favorite mj songs:

  • dirty diana -- that line where he sings "she said he's not coming back because he's sleeping with me" was ridiculous. even at a young age, i knew that this diana lady was up to no good.
  • pyt -- i will forever and always love pyt. such a classic
  • man in the mirror
  • billie jean -- again, just like with dirty diana, i knew that mj had ran across some sketchy ladies.
  • don't stop til you get enough -- just the intro music to this song is enough to make me run out to the dance floor.
  • beat it -- the dancing!!
  • smooth criminal -- that video was so freakin' sick. absolutely incredible.
  • off the wall -- LOVE it
  • and of course, wanna be startin' something!


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