the one about my new dating rules

i've decided that from now on out i'm only dating pre-screened men. the thought behind this is that my friends know me pretty well. they know what i'm apt to like/dislike/find attractive/put up with/etc. particularly my long term friends. if one of these friends recommends a guy, then i can safely assume that he's at least personable, decent looking, doing something with his life and reasonably intelligent.

so, i guess the next question is, what if i meet an awesome guy while out at a restaurant/bar/etc? will i give him a chance? sure. but in general, unless the man comes stamped with a "quality" sticker, i'm probably not going to waste my time. i'm not that pressed to be with someone -- i actually enjoy spending time alone, with my puppy and with my family and friends. this little stretch of time post the Banker is the longest i've been single since law school. and i have to say it hasn't been bad at all. i've kind of enjoyed it. occasionally i'd like to have a guy to take to various events, etc. but overall, no complaints :)