the one about my car

or rather, how i haven't driven it all week. :) i LOVE living walking distance to so many things. and if i can't walk, i can take a bus/train/etc. it's wonderful. it's great to be back in a city. i loved living downtown while i was in birmingham and i love living in a city again. the dog and LS BFF's cats haven't killed each other yet, which is another positive.

i start school again in a few weeks, which i'm so excited about. i think it's going to be awesome and i'm pumped. oh, and i (along with a few coworkers, Lifeboat and LS BFF) begin boot camp in a couple of weeks, so prepare for the hottness. yeah, i said it. you think i'm hot now, wait til i get my ass kicked 3x a week, for 4 weeks... :)


Laura said...


but yes--hottness!! WHAT WHAT!

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous, god i hate the suburbs :-(