the one about school

so...awhile back, i decided that since the search for permanent work wasn't going swimmingly, i would apply to get an llm at american university. they have an llm program in law and government and within that program, there is a concentration in civil and constitutional rights. i kind of applied on a lark and at the last minute. but, amazingly, i got in! month, i'm a student again! i know it won't be easy, but i'm really excited and looking forward to learning more, getting an externship and using my brain again. i get christmas break! and spring break! and the chance to learn! did i mention spring break???? :)

although, nerdy as it may be, i must admit, the thing i'm most excited by is being able to schedule classes!!! i LOVE scheduling classes. it's kind of my favorite thing ever. holla!!


Catherine Courtenay said...

yayayayay! congratulations!

Laura said...

holla, indeed. nerd. =)

also, have i mentioned i'm jealous? i might should look into this. why did you have to keep mentioning spring break?