the one about my move

i am moving! yay! the dog and i are moving in with LS BFF very very soon. we're going to start taking small boxes over there next week and am planning on moving the big stuff (bed, dresser, etc) next weekend. anyone want to help? anyone have a truck and want to help?? AHS, i'm looking at you :) i'll provide the pizza/beer, you provide the manpower.

alternatively, i'll see how Lifeboat likes her movers and go from there. it's been great kicking it with the parents (seriously, it has been) but i'm so SICK of that f-in commute. i'm exhausted every day when i get home. i'm really looking forward to a shorter commute. yay for city life!


Laura said...

well i don't want to get ahead of myself, but they called this evening to confirm 9am, so i'm hopeful. also, i would help, but the primary reason that i am getting movers is b/c i am too weak to lift anything these days. you'll have to wait til i've started going to the gym IN MY NEW BUILDING!