the one about commuting

you may have noticed i've been posting less. that would be because i'm perpetually exhausted thanks to my 2+ hour (roundtrip) commute each day. the good news is i'm making money - working as a temp attorney doing document review. the bad news is the commute makes me ready for bed by about 7:30pm. boo to the commute. i don't know how people do this on a regular basis. once i get a permanent job (still working on it, but am beginning to schedule interviews) i'll be looking for a place in the district. i am supposed to be moving in with LS BFF in august but i don't think i can wait that long, unfortunately. i feel like an old lady! i need to reclaim my life! damn you, commute! 

oh, but i will say that the metro provides for some interesting experiences. this afternoon i was almost up close and personal w/some dude's junk. GROSS. luckily he moved before i had to say: "um, excuse me, sir? do you mind removing your penis from my eye? thanks." if it sounds gross to you, imagine how i felt sitting there. yuck.