the one where i confess

i have a confession to make. i'm a single 26 year old who has been living at home since feb. 1... and i've kind of enjoyed it. there. i said it. i thought that living at home temporaily was going to suck, to be honest. but it's been a pleasant surprise. the Parents have helped out with the dog, given me money (holla!) and in general been cool. my mom and i have done a ton of touristy things around the city, which is fun. and i think it's given mom and i a chance to really improve our relationship. not that it's ever been awful, but it's no secret that i've always been a daddy's girl. 

so, all in all, it's been a pretty good deal. of course, the second i get a permanent job -- i am OUT! :) after all, i can't be at home forever, right? :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how I could wish rent free for a couple months! Enjoy these moments!