the one about the "conscience" rule

recently, the obama administration has moved to undo a last-minute bush administration rule that provided safeguards for doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, etc who refused to take part in abortions, provide access to birth control options or provide other health care options that went against their conscience. you can read more about it here. i for one, am pleased. while i do understand that some doctors aren't comfortable with birth control, abortion, etc., i think that access to those services is so important that there can not be a rule that allows them to refuse to perform these services with no consequences.

i can't imagine if my lady doctor refused to issue me a prescription for birth control. what i really can't imagine is my niece deciding someday that she wants to take control of her sexual health and her not being able to get birth control or the cervical cancer vaccine. 

i applaud the obama administration for taking quick action on this issue. it's important and yet another example of why our president matters. i know a lot of people who say things like it doesn't matter who the president is, and it doesn't affect their everyday life. at least for me, this is a very real example of why who our president is matters. i'd be willing to bet that if john mccain had won in november, this last minute rule would remain.