the one about AGNES!

as most of you know, i absolutely LOVE my college. i had the best experience and adore all things agnes. well, tomorrow i get to go back and live life like it's 2004! amazingly, tomorrow begins my reunion weekend at good ole agnes -- 5 years! and am i excited? i'm freaking like a kid on christmas eve. so, you might ask, what kinds of things will we be doing this weekend? well, here's a few:

  1. singing "beer beer beer for ol agnes scott. you bring the whiskey, i'll bring the scotch" with current students and other alumna, ranging in age from 22 to 82, most of them drunk. i'm not joking.
  2. touring our beautiful campus.
  3. throwing recently engaged classmates in our alumni pond. it's a great tradition i hope to carry out myself someday :)
  4. drinking. lots of drinking.
  5. and lots, lots, lots more!
i can't wait to see all my girls. a bunch of us are staying w/agnes and c. mimmy. soo freaking fun!