the one about things i love

i love:

  1. hot days. i complain, but secretly i love when it is socially acceptable to be half naked in public due to the heat.
  2. being single. again, i complain, but there is nothing more fun than the promise of someone new. 
  3. long lost friends discovering me on facebook. that first look at someone's profile is thrilling. i love it.
  4. having a dog. nothing better, i swear.
  5. summer eating. light meals, lots of seafood, delicious tomatoes. yummy!
  6. agnes scott college. 
  7. lazy days that seem to stretch on forever.
  8. pineapple. especially if eaten in hawaii.
  9. summer dresses. holla!
  10. karaoke. i will never tire of it. 


Anonymous said...

#1 YES ma'am!
#2 Not so much. I am really struggling with missing CTN
#3 Yepper. It is awesome.
#4 Can't relate ( but I do love THE SASHA)
#5 Summer eating for me includes ribs, potato salad, fish frys but I get your point. Food is YUM-O!
#6 U-A-B GOOOOO Blazers!
#7 Yes ma'am. Until Monday comes.
#8 WHOLE FOODS...nuf said
#9 HOLLA! Sexy legs, sexy back, SEXINESS!
#10 Awww. I miss you so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is -MJ
Love you so much chicky!