the one every girl hates

last week, i pulled an old pair of jeans out of my closet and *attempted* to put them on. okay, they fit. but they did NOT fit how they fit when they were originally purchased. yuck. so, i took myself on a run friday night. of course, i went out way too fast and could barely walk on saturday. i ran again sunday and would like to go tomorrow provided the rain stops. i freaking hate gaining weight. i attribute a lot of it to living at home. my mother has a ridiculous sweet tooth and buys all kind of tempting crap. and if it's there, i'll eat it. which is why i don't buy shit when i live alone. so, thanks mom for making me gain 5 pounds. :) (okay, i'm joking. i don't blame my mom. i blame my lack of willpower and cold weather. mainly the lack of willpower.)

luckily for me, it's now getting warmer and i can actually work out. i've also just pretty much stopped going into the cabinets except to get cereal. it's the only safe thing there. 

and, just on a random other note -- i'm watching the hills and wtf is up w/all these random shots of women's asses?? 

oh - one last thing. i've nixed the idea of travelling to NYC for a special recycling trip. good advice friends :)