the one where i just don't know what i want

today i had an interview with a legal recruiting agency. i have been thinking about legal recruiting as a possible career change for awhile now. i thought it sounded like the perfect choice for me. this particular agency does no cold calling, our clients apply to join by submitting their resume and then they can browse available jobs through the website and it proceeds from there. it's a very social job that involves working intensely with both law firms and attorneys and the social aspect is a big plus. i have learned that what i'm good at is being social. it sounds silly, but its true. i'm a people person and getting to help people, being around people is where i excel. my ideal job involves a LOT of talking. and being a consultant for this particular company matches that perfectly. not to mention, there is a lot of income potential. 

however, the Parents were quick to remind me that while that may be a good option for me now, am i going to want to actually practice law in the future? and that's a question i don't know the answer to. i mean, i like the law. but i'm really only interested in practicing if it involves employment law. and to be honest, even when i did that during my clerking days, it wasn't that exciting. i just don't know. not that i need to have an answer now because i don't have a job offer or anything close yet, but it's something to think about. would i feel somehow less than if i wasn't practicing law? i don't think so. i think i could be happy teaching or writing or traveling. and being a consultant for this agency would involve helping people, which is appealing but i could set my own schedule and work from home. which means more time with the Dog! 

but, i don't  know, what if i decide i want to practice law again? would i be unable to do that later? of course, i could always start my own practice. i just don't know.

i think the main thing is, i want to feel good about the work i am doing.

i also want someone to come in and arrange my life for me! any takers?

there's this john mayer song called "something's missing" and that's how i felt at my old job. the thing i'm most looking forward to is not feeling like that again. 


laura said...

seriously, about every one of your blog posts, i want to comment and be like, "me too!" maybe i'll just decide i'm ok with looking like an idiot catching up on your blog and i'll go back and post on all of them. i've also thought about the legal recruiting thing, for lots of the same reasons you mention, tho i have to admit that i have no love of the law and the idea of never again being a lawyer doesn't bother me at all.