the one where i lost my job

yep. i am now officially unemployed. when i first got the news i was a little bummed out. then i realized - i didn't like my job, spent half the day complaining about my job via gchat to my law school best friend  (aka LS BFF), and felt miserable every sunday evening as a new work week was approaching. what the heck was wrong with me? this was the best news ever! now, instead of sitting behind a desk wondering how i got there, i am forced to find something new, something that i am actually passionate about. the added bonus is that i now have time to do stuff i couldn't before. you know, things like finally get the Dog completely housetrained, wash clothes, work out. 

probably the best thing about losing the j-o-b is that is has pushed me to make a big move. i'm leaving my life down south behind and moving back to DC. temporarily the Dog and i will stay with the Parents, but that's just until i figure out what i'm going to do next. LS BFF lives in DC (along with about half of the LS people i graduated with) and is super excited about the move.  so we (the Dog and i) are making some lemonade out of this situation...

i must say, i'm also excited about all the new dating possibilities DC is going to bring.  after dealing with the Banker and all his bullshit, i'm ready for something new. not necessarily something new the movie, but definitely a change.