the one where i harassed AHS and made him go out

AHS and i hung out last night. although i must say, i had to practically strong arm him into getting out of ths house. he was griping about $ and such, and i asked if he was frugal or cheap and he said both...and broke. ah, the student life.  :) or the life of an unemployed attorney, i suppose. so once i finally convinced AHS to leave the house we had a really nice night. we ate dinner at Pizzeria Unos and then saw Seven Pounds. i must say, i was a little surprised when AHS (mr. broke/cheap/frugal) paid for both the movie tickets and dinner. i did buy the popcorn and soda (coke zero) of course. i think he paid solely so he could make fun of me at dinner. apparently he doesn't watch sex and the city and has no interest in hearing about all my favorite episodes, regardless of how applicable they are to my life and probably to his life, too. whatev. and maybe i talk about the Dog every five minutes. doesn't every puppy (or kitty, Agnes!) parent? anyway, who knew AHS was such a softie? he confessed that if he had been alone in the theater, he would've cried a few times. of course, i did shed a tear or two but nothing like i was expecting. 

i have a lot more to say, but am so freaking exhausted. as part of my christmas resolutions, i've been running...and it is wearing my ass out. so that's it for now...more to come soon.