the one about 25 things

so everyone on fb is doing these "25 things" surveys where they list 25 things about themselves. i am jumping on the bandwagon but only on this blog...

  1. i adore the children of my family and friends, but if we're not close, chances are good that i'm much more interested in meeting your dog rather than your children.
  2. that being said, i'm quite certain i want to have children some day. however, the idea of giving birth to something the size of my dog is terrifying and i'm strongly considering adoption.
  3. i love to learn. i always enjoyed school and if i could afford it i'd be a professional student -- 3L year of LS was amazing!
  4. i really enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a day.
  5. i love amusement parks. i used to be terrified of roller coasters until i was about 12 and my sister tricked me into riding on one. now, i love them. even though they still scare me shitless.
  6. sometime in college i became terrified of horror movies. i think it was around the same time i saw the ring and the Ex was out of town. since then, i will not watch a scary movie unless i know for certain that i am having some kind of sleepover. and the Dog doesn't count.
  7. i am constantly humbled by how blessed i am. i am working on being more thankful.
  8. i am also trying to be a better listener and to really focus on one thing at a time. i find it really difficult to not multitask. my friends probably notice that they get  a lot of phone calls while i'm driving/walking the dog/doing laundry/etc. i'm working on it.
  9. i LOVE dining out. i think it's one of life's pleasures to share a meal with a loved one.
  10. music is incredibly important to me. i associate certain songs with seasons, people, and experiences. i have 8 days worth of songs on iTunes and it continues to grow.
  11. i have never lived in one place more than four years consecutively. i'm looking to change this.
  12. i like step classes, kickboxing classes and dance classes. they are cheesy but fun and really good stress relievers.
  13. my life isn't exactly what i imagined when i was say, 20, but i'm happy for that. all the changes make it interesting.
  14. i can cop an attitude quicker than you can say "boo", but i'm really quite sensitive.
  15. i am 5'2.5 and i love being short.
  16. i gained probably 25 pounds my first semester of LS. once i took them back off, i became incredibly weight conscious. i don't talk about it to many people, but i realize i probably have an unhealthy obsession with weight.
  17. i'm incredibly curious about what my husband is going to be like. 
  18. i have had wonderful educational experiences. i attended 3 very different high schools, a fantastic college and an excellent law school.
  19. i really believe in education. i am hopeful that president obama will help fix our schools, starting with no child left behind. in my mind, that act is one of the biggest mistakes in education in recent history.
  20. oftentimes when i hear music, i imagine a scene in an imaginary movie that is playing out while the song is playing.
  21. i am much closer to my father than my mother. i'm working on improving my relationship with my mother and being more patient with her. 
  22. i am constantly planning my wedding reception in my head. and with select friends. i'm not ready to get married -  i just want the party!
  23. i could eat pizza 3x a day, everyday for the rest of my life and be content. as it is, i eat it probably 4x a week. however, because of my weight obsession, i mostly eat lean cuisine. i have learned to love it!
  24. i was surprised by how devastated i was when i lost my college ring this summer. it really made me sad. of course i found it after i purchased a new one (for almost $500!)
  25. i have always wanted to be a writer, but have never pursued it because i worry i'd never be good enough/have enough to say. so i write this blog to fulfill my urge to write. i am grateful to my friends who take the time to read it :)


The Socialite said...

You were supposed to be my new dining-out know I love to eat anything I didn't cook! lol