the one where i am exhausted

i just had a fantastic weekend in VA, on a "ski" trip with friends from LS. i didn't ski, but relaxed and just really had a wonderful time. we got in late friday, partied until about 4:30 am and then chilled out all saturday. it was so fun, but i was a little bummed we couldn't go tubing. oh well, next time for sure. 

i am exhausted. i just can't rock it out like i used to. okay, i take that back. i can - i just need some serious recovery time afterwards. 

so, this guy on match wants to meet this week. he's pretty cute. i have told him i can do lunch sometime this week. i'm a fan of lunch dates because there's so much less pressure. i'm not sure what day we are doing it. i'm thinking tuesday or wednesday...Agnes has just recently had a positive experience w/a guy from match so i'm excited. since our love lives constantly parallel each others, if she's doing well with match, i'm confident i will do :)