the one about the twilight books

i just finished reading the complete twilight saga written by stephanie meyer. in case you haven't read the books (which i highly encourage, i LOVED them!), the basic premise is an ordinary high school junior falls in love with an immortal vampire. the series follows everything that happens to this couple and their friends and family. after i finished the last book, i started reading some reviews of the series. there is a lot of criticism of the books, most of it centering on the fact that the book is apparently "anti-feminist".

now, one label that i proudly claim is feminist. in fact, i often get pissed that people treat feminism like it's a dirty word. but back to the twilight books. i was really dismayed to read that some consider the books to be an affront to women and an affront to feminism. the main claim is that because bella (the main character) becomes depressed when her boyfriend leaves her, the books are a set back to women everywhere. the critics argue that bella is weak and the anti-feminist because she depends on the men in her life.

i disagree. i think the book accurately describes the desperation that a woman (or a man) can sometimes feel when their soul mate leaves them. i've felt that way, my girlfriends have felt that way, and my guy friends have felt that way. i think it's realistic. i also think that a big problem with feminism is that people try to put it into a box and think that feminism means one thing. in my head, feminism is about choice and it's about supporting women and their rights and benefiting women. 

and that's all i got to say about that.


LSBFF said...

i also dont think they are anti-femninist. Edward was equally desparate about Bella.