the one where i am bitching

yep, i'm feeling pretty bitchy, so if i were you (especially you Banker and AHS) i'd skip this one. i'm just so irritated and fed up. really it's about 97% the Banker and about 3% AHS. so maybe AHS can read this. but the Banker shoud really skip it.

the Banker is such an annoyance. i'm thinking of cutting him out of my life completely. i probably should've done it awhile ago, but i have a hard time doing that. once i decided to stop ignoring him and actually keep in contact he started acting like an ass again. i think he's out. he's such a selfish idiot. he actually had the nerve to get mad at me because i didn't want to talk to him about some personal topics (i.e. the details of my being laid off and also if i'm dating). that infuriated me! it's like he thinks i owe him something. in this case, information. ugh. what an ass. what really gets me going is that today he sent me some annoying, juvenile text about how i'm ignoring him again. he doesn't seem to make the connection between me ignoring him and him being an ass. 

as for AHS, i'm just a little perplexed by him. when i was home over christmas we talked frequently and hung out often and it was great. then i went back to bama and it was like i had ran over his dog. i swear, he all of a sudden never calls and apparently refuses to respond to emails. i don't get it. i know he's back in school now, but i also know that means that he has plenty of time in class to slack off (ah hem, not that i ever did that, i'm just sayin...). also, i know he has some ridiculous cell phone issues...but GOOD GRIEF!! 

okay, i'm done w/the bitching for now. tomorrow morning is my first day pro bono-ing at the washington lawyers committee for civil rights and urban affairs and i am thrilled to be able to do some awesome pro bono work. yay!


laura said...

(1) i am so lending you this book when i'm done.
(2) i liked AHS! boooo for boys being stupid.
(3) hi court! lovies!

Sasha Fierce said...

1. i know, i know. i need the book. i actually probably need that whole section of the bookstore :)

2. i like AHS also. but its not cool when he ignores me. especially if he blames it on LS. um, i've done that. no excuse.

3. i can't wait for the wii fit party we're going to have :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry! thank you for being so understanding of my time and phone issues, masterful use of the bully pulpit by the way.