the one about "family ties"

growing up as a military brat, you learn to be flexible and you get used to being the new kid. you also adjust to the smaller things, like never having a regular doctor, dentist, hairstylist, etc. you understand that you won't see your extended family often because you don't live near them. when my sister and i were growing up, my parents formed their own "extended family" of sorts. it was a group of about 4 0r 5 air force families where the parents were roughly the same age and they all had similar aged children. these families became just like family as we somehow managed to follow each other all across the united states. i've known this group of about 20 people since i was born and they are an important part of my life. 

this morning, my parents and i attended the dedication of two grandbabies in one of our extended families. it was a wonderful day and a great time. while we were sitting eating dinner, someone decided to start counting all of the grandchildren that have been born in the past decade or so. while they were counting and chiming in with "i can't believe our children have children" comments, i was doing some quick math of my own. out of the 4 sets of families present, out of the 11 children in those 4 families (including my own) i am one of 2 left who has not gotten married and/or had children. 2 out of 11! that blew my mind...i mean, when did everybody decide to go and get married/have kids? did i miss that meeting? 

it's one thing that now all my friends are getting married. it's another when the entire group of kids i grew up with have all decided (in some secret, hidden meeting, apparently) to make major life steps without me. i mean, i just wanted to scream - wait! we're not ready! and i guess, that's it. i'm not ready. so, in the interim i'll offer up babysitting services. or, on second thought, just drop by for a quick visits - kids are exhausting!