the one about changes

so, i made it to dc. yay! my BFF came down and helped and now i'm home. it's nice, but very strange. essentially, i've gone from having 1,200 square feet of living space to now having approximately 350 square feet that i can claim as my own (my room + my very spacious closet!) - but its free and that's definitely what i need right now. 

something hilarious happened. friday, as i'm packing, the Attorney texted me to ask if i wanted to hang out and get some drinks. i replied back, "oh wow. i could've sworn i told you...i'm actually moving to dc as we speak..." he writes back that he was out of the loop and now that he finally has time for a date it looks like it won't happen. i'm like, um, hell NO it won't happen. ass. i swear. did he seriously think i was just waiting around hping that one day he'd call?! maybe its me. maybe i project an "i'm so desperate you can make me wait 2 months for a date and i'll still accept" vibe. hmmm. i guess its possible. either way, he finally got the point. oh, and then he sent me an email asking why i was leaving. i essentially wrote back "its personal and i don't want to discuss it". i swear. these men keep it interesting. 

speaking of men and interesting, when the Banker and i had dinner and he prompted me to tell him exactly why i cut him out of my life, one of the things i mentioned was him posting the fb album featuring his new NY chick (whom he claims isn't his girlfriend - when he said this i just smiled and said "okay". anytime he said something i thought was bullshit i just smiled sweetly and said "okay"). so i'm checking out his fb profile today (yes, i still do that...don't act like you wouldn't too!) and notice that the fb album is gone. interesting. 

last saturday i met a friend of a friend who was so cute (and i couldn't remember his name) i decided his name was Cutie. Cutie is precious. and has been calling me everyday even though we only hung out 2x and the second time consisted of me drunkenly singing a wide variety of karaoke songs (everything from "baby got back" to "redneck woman" to "billie jean"). it's so cute. and fun. although it won't go anywhere because i'm not about to do long distance, it's fun to get to know someone new. :) 


The Socialite said...

Atty is sooo funny. Ah, I bet he will step it up sooner with next girl, lest she flee the city also! lol And I did notice bankers pics are gone...interesting....