the one about the train

i forgot to write last night about this weird guy who i encountered on the train ride home. when i hopped on the train, it was quite empty and so i sat in a row of seats facing the front of the train and stretched my feet out on the row of seats in front of me facing the interior of the train.  a couple stops after i hop on, this guy gets on. even though 3/4 of the train is empty he sits in the seat where i'm resting my feet. so even though i'm pissed, i move my feet. and he's like, no, no keep your feet up. i just shake my head and move my feet. for the next 15 minutes or so, the guy keeps encouraging me to put my feet back up on the seat. and he keeps staring at me. at this point, i start to feel really sick, like i might even have to get off the train. psycho/foot fetish guy KEEPS staring and i'm starting to get really freaked out. so i just start reading twilight (woot woot! thanks LS BFF!) until he finally got off two stops before i did. ugh. i love the convenience of the train but hate the crazies.

also, the Banker is calling me fairly regularly now. we've only really talked once, but he's called quite a few times. i'm not ignoring his calls anymore, our schedules have just been conflicting. i'm not quite sure what he's trying to accomplish but i'm sure it'll give me plenty to blog about :)


The Socialite said...

Wooo-hoo, Twilight! What-what! See, that book has magical even chased your weirdo away:)