the one about my toe

this is not very exciting, but hey, it's all i got. the Socialite recently wrote a blog entitled watching paint dry so i don't feel so bad about not living the most exciting life right now :)

anyway, my middle toe on my left foot is absolutely killing me. i can't imagine what's wrong. i'm pretty sure you can't break your toe without realizing it, right?

in other news, i'm not sure if i have shared this already, but i joined recently. i'm only doing it for a month b/c i don't want to spend the money. i have to say, so far i'm not impressed. i have gotten and replied to some emails but it kind of sketches me out to think of actually going to meet someone...not that the person is going to be a nut or anything, but it just feels so forced as opposed to when you just see someone cute out and about. i don't know. 

oh, and the Banker has been calling about every other day. we've talked a couple times. it's been nice, but not so overly nice that i'm suspicious. yet. well, that's not entirely true. i am suspicious but i think it's much easier to be friendly when we are separated by 800 miles. kind of like how it's much easier for me to be nice to my mom when we are separated by 30+ miles :) i have to say, though, i'm trying very hard not to revert back to a 15 year old terror when it comes to my mom. we are hanging out tomorrow and i think it'll be fun. we're off to the newsuem and i'm excited. i'll let y'all know how it goes.


The Socialite said...

Yes, you can break your toe without knowing it, but a "break" doesn't always mean cast-worthy. Get it x-rayed. was kind of sleazy to me when I used it. Eharmony has a better selection, but it doesn't really make a difference when the fish aren't biting:(

Good luck meeting...carry mace(sp)!