the one about the attorney

okay, so this is just TOO good. i've discussed the Attorney before and how we were supposed to go on a date but he was always so "busy" and so i just gave up and told him i wrote him off. and he seemed to truly think that i would wait forever. i think what he actually told me was "so if i were to ask you out in two months, you would say no?" and i was just thinking, you are so freaking arrogant! 

so the Attorney has made a few gestures at hanging out since then. but i've always been out of town. he invited me to lunch, a NYE party he threw, etc etc. but i'm always gone. so just today, i get a text asking if i'm free saturday. um, NOPE. i'll be in DC. i haven't told the Attorney i'm moving either, mainly because he insists on always texting and never calling, which i despise. i just think it's hilarious that he's ramped up his efforts and now it doesn't matter and essentially is just too little too late.  

i'm just so over lazy ass men. i'm also over shady ass men. i really do not think it's too much to ask for a man that is honest and actually will display some effort. as for the Banker, ugh ugh ugh.

last night, i went out with my girl (aka Socialite) and we had way too much fun. of course, that meant that i had way too much wine. so i sent the Banker a random text: "hey, what's up" he replied: "u". i asked what the hell that meant and he said: "just missing you." yeah, i was about to vomit in my mouth a little as well. i asked why and he didn't reply for a long ass time. as Socialite said, the silence speaks volumes. ugh. anyway. i'm glad i didn't call him. Socialite did better than me and didn't even text the lame ass dude she used to date.

so...what's going to happen with the Attorney? um, i'm pretty sure absolutely nothing. i'm going to move to DC and leave all these lame men behind. AHS -- are you working on my hookups yet?!