the one where my sleep pattern is f-ed up!

well, since i'm not working, i can stay up all night and play with my blog, chat online, etc etc. and i'm doing that. but i really hate sleeping in, so i'll still wake up at 9am. which would be fine if i wasn't staying up til 3am or later. ugh. then i want to take a nap, but i won't let myself. i have got to get a job. seriously. just so i can get back to keeping normal hours. 

in other news, the Banker called me again! i didn't pick up and i didn't return his call. he is so transparent. i mean, clearly i don't want to speak to him. but he keeps trying and i'm sure he will until we speak. i just can't imagine what i would say to him. i'm so freaking angry with him. and i don't want to have an angry conversation with him. i have no desire to let him know just how much he's upset me. so until i feel like i can speak to him without telling him EXACTLY what i think, i will just not speak to him at all. 

so - how do we like the new setup? i like it, think i might keep it for awhile :)