the one where i've decided to see him

yes. you read that correctly. i've decided that i am going to see the Banker before i move to dc. yes, i am beyond unhappy with how things went down over the past couple of months but i know that i would regret moving 800 miles away without telling him face to face. as MJ said, if the shoe was on the other foot, i would be quite upset if he moved away without a word. 

to all the naysayers, (and i know there will be naysayers) understand that i DO know exactly what i'm getting myself into. i realize that i will never get the kind of response i want from him. i know that he's not going to turn to me and admit being an asshole and treating me like shit, etc. i completely understand that. but the fact is, seeing him is the right thing to do. and more importantly, it is what i want to do. 

so we are having lunch on monday afternoon. he did not go to last night's dinner, so i had to set up lunch. he seems super eager, which isn't surprising considering i've been ignoring him for the past month or so. 

if i don't see him i know i will feel as if our story is somehow incomplete. seeing him won't really change anything, but it's going to happen eventually and i'd prefer to do it on my terms.


The Socialite said...

I hear ya, honey! I understand the need to not leave any loose ends...