the one where i'm baaack!

dc was fantastic. we had the best time. we got in saturday afternoon, and saturday night we went to love (a huge club in the city). it was great. we saw stevie wonder there!!! i may or may not have screamed a little when i saw stevie (and i'm normally never a groupie, but i swear i couldn't help it). we also caught sight of p. diddy (stevie was much more exciting) and deshawn show from real housewives of atlanta. then on sunday we went with my mom down to the national mall for the we are one concert. it was amazing to see all those people. it was really really cool - and cold! but we had a wonderful time. later sunday night we went to park. and that was excellent. we danced a little bit and then set up shop in one of the stairwells and just talked to people all night. it was so fun. and not just because i was a little bit drunk. it was just cool to meet lots of guys :) and to flirt w/really attractive men. i had a great time. oh yeah, we saw bow wow at park, but he's such a little kid, i just couldn't get that excited about it.

monday we drove into the city to LS BFF's house and posted up there to get ready for tuesday's events. we got down to the capitol about 830am on tuesday and found a great spot next to MSNBC's setup (i got to see rachel maddow!!!). it was absolutely incredible to be among millions of people during that historic day. when obama was giving his speech, i admit i got a little teary eyed. it is still so amazing to see and hear words from the first black president. i can't put all the emotion surrounding it into words. absolutely incredible.

so now i'm back in bama for the next week. that is incredible. i can't believe i'm moving in a week. mainly because i'm sitting on my ass, not packing! of course, as always, it will get done. slowly, but surely.

in other news, while out drunk sunday night, i sent the Banker one text message. he responded, but i never replied to his response. and then a day or so later he called me and i didn't respond. turns out we are both invited to a dinner this upcoming saturday. i'm going and have no idea if he's going or not. but it's a small enough dinner that if he does go, i'll definitely see him and speak to him. i've decided to just be prepared for anything including him flying in his new chick just to piss me off. so i'm ready. he can come, he can bring her, he can bring someone else, he can not come. either way, i'm going to be pleasant and polite. hey, i was born in the south - it's what we do :)