the one about internet dating

so i'm curious. does anyone know anyone (personally, not one of those fairy tales, my friend's cousin's sister's brother's aunt stories) who has successfully used internet dating to meet someone? i see all these commercials and i guess it might work, but i don't personally know anyone (at least i don't think i do) who's used it to any success. i have some friends who've played around with it before, but lost interest i think. just curious.

in other news, i'm a little mad at AHS. okay not mad per se, but not happy. i called him on sunday to chat and never heard back from him. he sent me some message on FB like "saw you called, did you get some rest?" but never called me back. and then i called him today also and nothing! lame! he can't be my tour guide/new male BFF is he doesn't return calls. whatev. 

i'm stepping up the job search and am hopeful that i can find something soon. i'd like to be in dc permanently by the end of the month and i'd prefer to be in my own place, rather than the Parents.

i was watching The Bachelor this evening and it was ridiculous. then i watched The City (don't judge, i was bored) and was just appalled. all these women who are obsessed with finding a man. i just don't think men are constantly thinking about women the way we constantly think of them. i think for me the solution to avoiding this is to have a very full life when i move back to dc. LS BFF and i can finally work out together again! and i'm also onboard with a law school friend's plan to be more social. if AHS would get his act right, he and i could hang out some too :) i just like doing things and being out and being social. sitting at home all day exhausts me. although i enjoy a good round of crap reality television, obviously. 

so, back to my original question  - seriously, want do we think of internet dating? seems slightly sketchy but probably no more sketchy than meeting someone in a bar, right?


Alana said...

That makes me laugh! I curled up to the Bachelor and The City last night as well. Definitely both guilty pleasures : )

I've thought about the internet dating route myself. I have friends that have tried eharmony and match; it seems that most prefer match over eharmony. I don't know anyone that is in a relationship now through either though, but most seem to be happy with their experience nevertheless.

Good luck with the job search! I am SO excited for this weekend!

laura said...

i don't get a name! i'm just "another law school friend!" well, i suppose that's fair. maybe that'll be another NY resolution--to earn myself a nickname on courtney's blog.

Sasha Fierce said...

i know, i know. i was having trouble coming up w/the perfect name for you so i defected for the time being. don't worry - you're getting one.