the one where the banker is pissed

so...this evening i was out celebrating a girlfriend's birthday and the Banker called me. per usual, i ignored his call. he left a message, asking me to call and declared "i guess we aren't friends anymore". i texted him about an hour later, saying "what's up?" he replied by asking why can't i call him. i responded that i was tied up right now, but didn't want to ignore his call. his text message back was priceless. he wrote (and i quote): "so call when ur not. what the fuck is up with u. never seen no shit like this weird." i couldn't stop smiling. not because he was all out of sorts, but because i knew that i was doing the right thing. he could not handle me ignoring his calls and refusing his invitations to hang out, come up, etc. i am finally doing things that make me feel better and am not worried about how he will take my actions and while i am feeling great, clearly he is frustrated as all hell.

and i'll be honest, it felt good. i am not setting out to hurt him, but i think that he acting like an ass after we stopped dating and i don't have the time to deal with people who treat me poorly. i am too fucking fabulous to waste time with people who don't appreciate it. so i've been ignoring him because i have no desire to deal with him either face to face or via telephone. and now its freaking him out because he is not getting what he wants on his terms. 

um, welcome to my world, bitch.


Broke said...

fierce and fabulous!

The Socialite said...

Tee-hee-hee-hee! *pinky to mouth*

Catherine Courtenay said...

"so, i guess we're not friends anymore." yea, you guessed right, bitch ;) hahaha. i love it!