the one where i am screaming, who does that?!

alright, so this past weekend in atlanta after the hookah and the "sexy drink" i went out to a bar and we met up with some of Namesake's wonderful friends from law school. of course, had a blast and i really hit it off with one particular friend, CG.  so once back in bama, CG and i became fb friends. so a couple of days later, i notice when i'm looking at CG's profile that we share a mutual friend: the Banker. i'm like, hmmm...i'm pretty sure that CG and the Banker don't know each other. so i do a little investigative work and find out that the Banker friended CG almost immediately after CG and i became fb friends and she accepted, because, well that's what you do. first reaction is WTF? seriously, who does that?! he does not know her, yet he sees her on my profile and decides to fb friend her? what is that about? i think it's kind of weird and just a wee bit i overreacting? or is this very strange? thoughts?


The Socialite said...

Yeah...that's weird...has he had any convo with her since she added him?