the one about being a virgin and the sexy drink

this weekend i traveled to atlanta for a friend's birthday. she decided she wanted to have dinner at divan a restaurant and hookah bar. ( in case you're interested) it was really fun and i plan on sharing. 

but first, i have to digress. a couple of years back at a party with a bunch of folks from college, some girlfriends and i decided we would make a list of when "it" didn't count. so we started with obvious things like, when you don't come, when it's AWFUL, etc. by the end of the night our list also contained things like this: when you are on top, when he is on top, when you just met him that day, when you are standing up, when you regret it the next day, if you can't remember his name in two weeks, etc etc. by the end of the night, i swear our list had re-virginized every woman at that party! so i take a particular pleasure in finding activities/things where i am virgin. it's so fun to be a virgin in all aspects of life :) and if you are now thinking, hmm sasha fierce i'm pretty sure you aren't an actual virgin, i say to you - WHATEVA, check out the list! :)

okay, so back to divan and being a hookah virgin. prior to the trip, Agnes and i had discussed the hookah and both were a little nervous. i'm not a smoker. my only experience with cigarettes consisted of me taking one puff when i was 13 and declaring them gross and promptly throwing a pack of my friend's cigarettes out the window. as for my experience with smoking something other than cigarettes, i've tried two separate occasions in college and the first time i thought i was going to die from choking and the second i was way too drunk to speak, so smoking wasn't quite happening. so i wasn't sure how was i going to handle the hookah. but Agnes and i vowed we'd try it, if only to say we tried it.

i arrived at divan and right after i valed my car, i encountered this group of men chatting outside the restaurant. one came right over to me and said "hey, we've been waiting for you...where've you been?" i played along and said "oh yeah, you've been waiting for me? well, i don't see my drink out here..." he instantly invited me to meet him at the bar for a drink. the guy (who was actually quite nice) follows me inside where i see a couple of friends. after chatting with them for a bit, i tell my new friend i'm ready for my drink and he instantly tells the bartender to make me the "sexy drink". now, i have no idea what was in the "sexy drink" but let me tell you that drink was DAMN GOOD! haha, is it any surprise i loved something called the "sexy drink"? the best was after i left my new friend to be seated with my friends and ordered the "sexy drink" our fabulous waiter had to run around trying to figure out what the "sexy drink" was. for that, i left him an extra nice tip :)

well, after dinner (and another "sexy drink of course!) it was time for hookah virgin to pop her cherry! i have to say, i think i had more fun taking pictures of people blowing smoke then actually smoking myself. i think i'm just a bad smoker. i mean, i literally had two puffs and then got a terrible headache. so, i'm lame and not cool enough to actually enjoy smoking a hookah. but whatever, at least i'm not a hookah virgin and i was introduced to the "sexy drink"!