the one where i think i miss him

there. i said it. i miss the Banker. no, i haven't returned his calls or his text messages and i sure as hell haven't let him "come up." but i miss him. yes, the Banker is a punk to say the least. but i miss talking to him, laughing with him and sharing funny stories with him. i miss his friendship. i'm thinking about giving him a call. i don't know. it's tough when you know that what you want isn't good for you. in the past, i've always said, fuck it. i'll do what feels good and deal with the consequences later. of course, that never ends well. so i think i'll continue on the course i've been travelling. blissful ignorance. i guess the big question is should i see him before i peace out of AL? 


Alana said...

I'm sending you hugs sweetie : ) AND I'm calling you tonight!

You page is looking super cute btw!