the one about living alone

so i have to say that probably my favorite thing about living alone is the ability to blast my music and dance around like crazy...occasionally naked, sometimes clothed. but the beauty of living by myself is that no one is ever the wiser :) sure, the Dog thinks i'm crazy, but she'd never tell my secrets!

my other favorite thing about living alone is no judgments. no one to judge what i eat, what i watch on tv, what i wear when i'm watching tv, who i invite over, what time said invited guest comes/goes :), etc. 

i thought i'd be lonely since i had roommates in both law school and college, but seriously the Dog is more than enough. 

oh, and i also love the fact that i can keep my christmas tree up for as long as i want :)

one last thing - i've decided that i might start posting  a few pics...can some computer savvy person tell me the easiest way to do so?