the one where i am learning!

the Banker called me last night and left me a pretty nice, normal message. i didn't call back because i really just don't want to talk to him yet, you know? so i emailed him instead, saying i got his message, i'm doing well, and would be happy to do lunch sometime, but i'm quite busy this week. i also said to let me know what his schedule is, because i know he's in NYC quite frequently visiting his new girlfriend. :) he replied back that he would love to do lunch or dinner whenever i'm free. 

then this evening, i get a text message from him saying that he's downstairs at the wine loft and can he come up? i nearly choked upon reading that. seriously? did he really think i was going to be like, "yes, come on up. it'll be just like it used to be." YUCK. i told him i was busy, but i'd definitely take a raincheck. trust me, i know exactly what would have happened had he come up. it would have been all emotional, since we haven't seen each other in over a month and eventually we would've ended up hooking up and in the end, i'd feel like crap about the whole thing. i'm pretty pleased that i was able to avoid that disaster. 


AHS said...

:-) this is you --->